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    9 Tried And Tested Amazon Halloween Costumes

    Low effort, big impact.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A jolly clown outfit that will counteract all the frightening Its at the party, £17,

    Promising review: "I've seen this outfit on so many sites that I thought I might be one of many lady clowns at work on Red Nose Day, but fortunately no one else had bought it. What great value – I had lots of compliments on my outfit. It looks really good on and is so much better quality than a lot of the outfits in the same price band that colleagues had bought (and often sent back). Buyers should note that it does include the stripy tights as well. I'd already ordered another pair as this isn't mentioned in the blurb, but no matter – the tights supplied were a bit on the small side for me so were donated to a vertically challenged colleague!" – daisymaybe

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    2. A Viking warrior costume that will keep the October chill away, £28

    Promising review: "I read the good reviews but didn't really think it would be that good but when it arrived I was amazed that the quality was so good. It is as other reviews say, it's very sturdy material will last for a few parties to come. I'm a BIG lad but the XL size was an ample fit, I just had to tighten up the leg fur covers as even with elastic fitted in it they were loose 2x safety pins later and it was solved. A must-buy item for any repressed Vikings." – jezzer

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    3. A Grim Reaper costume that means you'll be the afterlife of the party, £21.99, Amazon

    Promising review: "It is a good Halloween costume for the price. Minor gripes are the scythe is a little small and flimsy, but for using it at most once a year that doesn't matter and there are no gloves as shown in the picture. The overall costume is pretty scary and will be good for a Halloween party! You can also take off the hood so you can eat, drink etc without deconstructing yourself which I particularly like. Happy Halloween!"– M

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    4. A Queen of Hearts-inspired gown that comes with a tiara but no red roses, £23.99


    Promising review: "Emergency costume needed? This is the dress you need! I did a lot of research over which Queen Of Hearts costume to buy. Of them all, this seemed the best quality, the least tacky and the brightest. It also comes with the tiara. In terms of the dress itself, I was really pleased with it. It's a great fit, the collar generally stands up on its own (for photos at least) and it's generally really good quality. The underskirt was a bit of a let down, but at this price, it's worth it for the dress alone. Luckily I have a few hoops at home so it was no problem.

    All in all, a great costume – many thanks!" – Awakey

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    5. A cute '50s costume that tbh would be pretty wearable during the year too, £27.99,

    Promising review: "Lovely costume – as a busty size 12, I ordered the 14 and glad I did – the blouse was fine although I did stitch up the facing so it didn't open up. The skirt was a little big but stays up well as the elastic waist is good. Comfortable and looked great! – AD

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    6. A zombie bride dress and veil that is spooktacular, £18.50

    Promising review: "With the black roses and lots of make-up, (and a bit of leg-showing!), I won the fancy dress competition in this! I also managed to get into a rowing boat, grab a pumpkin, and jump onto the pontoon holding said pumpkin – so it's a costume that's easy to move in too! I did need (as another reviewer helpfully suggested) to trim the dangly bits on the hem to prevent tripping over it, but that's really easy to do." – Spikeyse

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    7. A sexy vampire dress that could also turn witchy in a pinch, £13.15,

    Promising review: "Very good costume for the price! I am a size 16 so very hard to find a decent quality outfit that also looks flattering. The fabric is stretchy with lots of give and there is a tie at the back of waist so you can bring in to fit perfectly. Length good too, not too long so no need to take up, but it did cover ankles." – SL Santon

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    8. A pirate costume to turn you into a 10/10 swashbuckler, £13.25,

    Promising review: "This is an awesome outfit, really decent quality for the price and it's comfy and lightweight. I'm a size 10 and it fit me perfectly, pretty sure it could fit a size 12 and maybe 8 if you tighten the lace belt thing at the front which is sweet! The only thing I would recommend is maybe picking up a cheap black tutu to put under the skirt? It's quite thin and a tutu really puffs it out and makes it look full and all that jazz. I picked one up for about £3 and it's perfect with this. :)" – Eleanor

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    9. A banana costume that is pretty a-peel-ing, £10

    Promising review: "In all honesty, I went to a party and ended up with a girl in my suit all day, went home with her now my girlfriend <3 Banana suit." – undedpoo

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