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    15 Things I Learned At A Britney Dance Class

    The best way to stay fit in London (and Manchester).

    1. This class is all any Britney fan could ever want.

    2. There is a lot of stretching.

    3. The class is made up of all different levels.

    4. You will have extreme gym kit envy.

    5. We learn that Britney's choreographer, Brian Friedman, is basically a genius.

    I mean, for example.

    6. The routine takes its inspiration directly from the "Toxic" video.

    Whether it's pretending to push the drinks trolley (above) or channelling catsuit-in-the-glass-box-Britney.

    7. To dance like Britney, you have to become Britney.

    8. Make sure to grab your headset mic.

    9. Tap your body whenever possible.

    10. Shake up your hair.

    11. And above all, use your arms.

    12. When channelling Britney, "goddess arms" are the most important bit.

    13. Therefore a Britney walk must always include some kind of arm movement.

    14. Don't forget to whip your hair too.

    As Britney demonstrates.

    15. And when the routine is ready, strut your stuff.

    Find classes in London and Manchester here.