17 Foods That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

When bacon goes wrong.

1. This two-for-one.

2. This healthy treat.

3. This interesting mix.

4. This drink, which is so close to glory.

5. This sign that science has gone too far.

6. This snack, which just wanted to change the world.

*world peace. Epic food fail XD

— Bebe (@Shkungie)

7. This garlicky treat.

Someone get Tatyo on the line STAT, I've discovered what the people (AKA me) want

— Valerie Loftus (@valerieloftus)

8. This posh snack.

#chardonnay wine vinegar crisps. Wonder if it was a heavily oaked chard...

— Don Nacho (@campos_nacho)

9. This confused ham.

"@TheMichaelMoran: Don't look at this picture. You will have nothing but questions: " dear god! #FoodFail

— Mary Mc (@MaryMc_31)

10. This perfect receptacle.

The world is full of wonders.

— John Schwartz — NYT (@jswatz)

11. This confusing flavour choice.

Hot Cross Bun Crisps #brokenbritain

— jamie mckay (@jami0mckay)

12. This yoghurt.

13. This mystery meat.

Finally found what I've been searching morrisons for!!1!1

— not bruce jenner (@_dxniellex)

15. This daring dish.

Only at Mt. Lavinia hotel. "Sea Food Mixed Girl with BBQ Sause" #fail #lka

— Nalinda Somasundara (@NalindaSh)

16. These donuts.

17. This erm, well, this.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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