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    15 Places You Must Eat Fish And Chips Before You Die

    Sing for your supper.

    1. Magpie Café, Whitby

    2. Aldeburgh Fish and Chips, Suffolk

    3. Anstruther Fish Bar, Fife

    4. The Regency, Brighton

    5. The Cod’s Scallops, Nottingham

    Alec Frusher

    This place was voted best newcomer in the 2013 National Fish and Chips awards. I mean, just check out the batter.

    6. Stein's Fish and Chips, Cornwall

    7. Bizzie Lizzie's, North Yorkshire

    8. Fish Central, London

    9. Old Salty's, Glasgow

    10. Fylde Fish Bar, Southport

    11. The Seafarer, Broadstairs

    Flickr: brighton / Via Creative Commons

    Get your fish supper to takeaway, and eat on beautiful Broadstairs beach.

    12. The Bay, Aberdeenshire

    13. The Bridewell, Liverpool

    Flickr: norio-nakayama / Via Creative Commons

    A city centre take on a chippy supper, and one of the things you need to eat in Liverpool right now.

    14. Hiltons Fish Bar in Essex

    15. Poppies, London

    The Bay is in Aberdeenshire. A previous version of this article said it was in Aberdeen.