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Moonwalking Pony Is Involved In A Paternity Case

The star of the Three advert is in hot water.

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Socks - the famous dancing pony from the Three advert - is at the heart of a DNA paternity probe.

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Socks' owner Mari Williamson explains: / Via

"I put him with three ladies in a field with a loch. But he is a very good swimmer and unfortunately he took a shine to another one of my mares – who I had put in a group with my other stallion Nuggett (pictured).

The distance across the loch didn't deter Socks. / Via

"He just fancied her (Kimberley, pictured) more and thought the grass is always greener on the other side. Socks swam across – and with his three ladies in tow – and now we don’t know for sure who is Scamp’s real father", Williamson continued.