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    15 Facts About Classic Tattoos That Will Change The Way You Look At Them

    Sailors would sometimes get a pair of swallows tattooed, often on the chest, so if they were to drown, the birds would carry their souls to heaven

    1. "Classic" or "Old-School American" tattoos are one of many tattoo styles.

    2. Some classic American designs are related to religious iconography.

    3. For example, the Rock of Ages is inspired by a religious painting.

    4. Using religious iconography in a tattoo sometimes served a dual purpose.

    5. And religious tattoos have been used since the Crusades as a distinguishing mark for soldiers.

    6. Though old-school American tattoos took off in the 1930s, tattoos have been in American culture since the late 1800s.

    7. It wasn't until the 1930s that Asian tattoo traditions began to combine with Western ones.

    8. In traditional tribal and Japanese tattooing, placement is just as important as design.

    9. However, it wasn't until the 1960s that Western tattooing caught up with the precise placement of other tattooing cultures.

    10. Pin-up tattoos became popular during WW2.

    11. Tattoos such as a nautical star or ships can represent nautical achievements.

    12. A fully-rigged ship symbolises that the sailor has been around the Cape of Good Hope.

    13. Anchors can represent multiple things.

    14. The Peacock symbolizes pride and also loyalty.

    15. Swallow tattoos can have multiple meanings.

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