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    11 Fabulously Geeky Wedding Rings

    These are the rings you are looking for.

    1. Wonder Woman

    For the wonderful woman (or man) in your life. Buy it here.

    2. Star Wars

    The inscriptions on this ring are written in Aurebesh. Buy it here.

    3. Star Trek

    What an enterprising gift. Buy it here.

    4. Legend of Zelda

    Channel the triforce with this ring. Buy it here.

    5. Star Wars

    What an adorable droid ring. Buy it here.

    6. Assassin's Creed

    Show your trust with this beauty. Buy it here.

    7. Star Wars

    A droid with a heart of white gold. Buy it here.

    8. Black Widow

    An edgier take on forever. Buy it here.

    9. Star Wars

    Let Boba Fett be part of your big day. Buy it here.

    10. Star Wars / Via

    Join the Rebel Alliance with this piece. Buy it here.

    11. Star Wars

    This R2D2 number is such a gorgeous piece, even non Star Wars fans would love to get it. Buy it here.

    Buy all the rings online here.

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