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15 Eyebrow Piercings That Are Delicate AF

Brows on fleek.

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3. A peekaboo piercing beneath a perfect fringe.

Instagram: @evilbastard_mjau

7. Endless eyeshadow blending skills and a petite piercing.

Instagram: @radientprodogy

8. A plum matte lip and an arched brow.

Instagram: @paulina

11. Statement spectacles + a bold bar.

Instagram: @the_ale_s

12. Lashes for days accentuate a pretty piercing.

Instagram: @golferblonde

13. A pixie cut with a showcase parting.

Instagram: @iamtherockwitch

14. A perfectly co-ordinated brow ring.

Instagram: @mellie_ay

15. A wedding look fit for a princess.

Instagram: @kimzsomji