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    21 Pieces Of Extremely Questionable Life Advice From 'Black Books'

    Do not follow any of this.

    1. Manage your finances well.

    2. Eliminate distractions.

    3. Keep calm.


    4. Make sure to stay cool in the summer.

    5. Know when to massage the truth.


    6. Challenge yourself with new hobbies.


    7. Disregard physics. Make that tower of soup.

    8. Broaden your palette.


    9. Don't mince your words.

    10. Educate yourself about wine.

    11. But don't let prices go to your head.

    12. Safety first.

    13. Be polite always.

    14. Be welcoming to other beliefs.

    15. Keep the peace.

    16. Dental hygiene is important.

    17. Let your natural charm win over lovers.

    18. Be suspicious of offers that seem too good to be true.

    19. Always multi-task if possible.

    20. Be enthusiastic about every undertaking.

    21. And never ever exaggerate.

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