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    We Tried The Rainbow Toasties Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over

    Praise cheesus.

    Let's talk about Grill My Cheese.

    Grill My Cheese was founded in May 2013 by Nisha Patel and Nishma Chauhan.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    "After living together for four years, and spending the majority of our time talking about food, we decided to follow our hearts (and our stomachs) and open Grill My Cheese," Nishma says.

    "We took inspiration from several visits to the States where in virtually every diner we visited, we noticed they all had a take on a grilled cheese. Generally, the bread would be bleached white and the cheese processed. We knew we could do something much better."

    Their most popular toastie is the Baby Got Mac.

    Grill My Cheese

    It's truly delicious, with macaroni cheese, pulled pork, and BBQ sauce.

    "It contains a barbecue spiced pulled pork (which is also free-range), macaroni cheese, a homemade BBQ sauce, and our signature cheese blend – all toasted on an organic sourdough," says Nishma.

    But we are gathered here today to discuss their rainbow toastie.

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    After a surprise appearance last week, it's available for ONE MORE DAY ONLY. And that day is today.

    It costs £7.50. There's beetroot, rocket, roasted red onion (with colouring as there are no natural blues), goat's cheese, and truffle oil. The result is a gooey and delicious toastie that's not overwhelmingly rich. It's an indulgent lunch for one, but not so much that you'll feel gross afterwards.

    The ingredients are as natural as possible.

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    The beetroot is cooked down and blitzed to make a purée, and so are the rocket and toasted caramelised red onion.

    "We wanted to keep it as natural as we could and the beetroot was always going to give us a nice colour," Nishma explains. "It had to complement the flavours – it's always about the taste rather than the gimmick."

    It's inspired by Hong Kong's Kala Toast.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    "When we saw the flavour combinations we weren't sure: 'lavender, basil, like how will this even work?'" Nisha says.

    "We tried basil but it didn't work. We dyed the cheese blue, but there was still no taste! It's hard to get a natural blue, so we add just a touch of gel food colouring.

    "When the red and blue are together sometimes we get a little bit of purple. People are sometimes a little scared of the colours, but they don't realise that most of the colours are natural."

    The rainbow toasties are on sale from midday to 2pm today, but I can recommend the regular toasties too.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    Grill My Cheese trade Tuesday to Friday, Noon–2pm on Leather Lane, but keep an eye out for them elsewhere too.

    "We do move around from time to time and in the summer you can expect us to pop up at other events/venues," says Nishma. "Keep an eye out on our Instagram for updates."

    Oh, and you must try their secret menu item: the Milky Way Melt.

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