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    15 Beautiful Places To Ice Skate In London

    Get out on the ice.

    1. Somerset House

    The most stylish rink in London. Take to the ice in the courtyard, and splash out afterwards on a cream tea. Book tickets here.

    2. Natural History Museum

    Facebook: naturalhistorymuseum

    A personal favourite. What could be better than skating next to a building that houses dinosaurs? Book tickets here.

    3. Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

    Creative Commons
    Creative Commons
    Facebook: winterwonderlanduk

    Set in Hyde Park, it's free to enter, but you'll have to pay separately for most of the attractions. So, magical as Winter Wonderland is, this is not the cheapest option. If you'd like to skate around a twinkly Victorian bandstand, book tickets here.

    4. Winterville


    Coming to Victoria Park for the first time this year, Winterville is trying to bring winter magic, east. With a rink, horse carriages as well as a roller disco, it's hard to say no. Book your tickets here.

    5. Hampton Court Palace

    Get historical and skate in front of King Henry VIII's former home. Buy your tickets here.

    6. London Eye

    Flickr: minhocos / Via Creative Commons
    Flickr: simon__syon / Via Creative Commons

    Skate under the glow of the London Eye. Families, if you book before November 30th, and children go free when you buy a family ticket. Buy your tickets here.

    7. Canary Wharf

    Sarel Jansen Photography / Via Facebook: icerinkcanarywharf
    Miles Willis / Via Facebook: icerinkcanarywharf

    This rink boasts "a unique skate path which leads skaters under trees lit with fairy lights then back onto the main rink." Which sounds awfully pretty. Book tickets here.

    8. Ice Skate Vauxhall

    Mickey Lee

    This rink is in the Pleasure Gardens, and is flanked by lots of yummy food and drink options. So even if you fear slipping on the ice, you can still have a pleasant evening. Buy tickets here.

    9. Alexandra Palace

    Flickr: currybet / Via Creative Commons
    @____ambra on Instagram

    Ally Pally's ice rink is open year round, and it is massive. Book tickets here.

    10. Broadgate Circle

    Broadgate Ice Rink
    Broadgate Ice Rink

    A city centre rink, right by Liverpool Street station. There's a pop-up bar this year too. Book your tickets here.

    11. Wembley Park

    If you're out West, then pop by Wembley Park. Sure, it's not as glamourous, but they are also currently offering a free hot chocolate for each skater. Buy your tickets here.

    12. Westfield London

    Westfield / Via
    Westfield / Via

    OK, so skating in a shopping centre might not be your cup of tea. But if you're in Shepherd's Bush (*not* Stratford) and fancy a glide on the ice, why not? Book tickets here.

    13. JW3 on Ice

    Blake Ezra Photography / Via Facebook: JW3London

    Go skate in the North. (However, bear in mind that "JW3 is a Jewish arts, culture and community centre with a kosher restaurant, café and bar. Only food bought at JW3 can be eaten on the premises", and the opening hours on Saturdays are reduced.) Book your tickets here.

    14. Queen's Ice and Bowl

    @ ms_mayer on Instagram
    @dobi1do on Instagram

    This ice rink is flashy, with colour change lighting, and light shows! Plus it's real ice. Book your tickets here.

    15. Lee Valley Ice Centre

    Facebook: leevalleyicecentre

    With an international-sized ice pad, you needn't worry about fairweather skaters. Book tickets here.

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