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Definitive Proof That Dogs In Pubs Are The Best Thing Ever

A pint of bitter, and a bone please.

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1. There is nothing better than a dog in the pub.

2. Nothing.

3. They're the perfect companion.

4. And they're always eager to listen.

5. What could be more cheering than a welcoming hound?

6. A dog at the bar ensures quick service.

7. Although you may have to pay in treats.

8. The pooch will not be much help when carrying drinks.

9. They're happy to reserve a table.

10. Be aware that they get sniffy if you mess up their order.

11. Even if you bought them something you know they'd like.

12. Pub dogs are wonderful at relaxing.

13. They find the cosiest corner.

14. And they make it their own.

15. Although they're always happy to share.

All photos via the marvellous Dogs In Pubs.