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    21 Curry Houses You Have To Visit Before You Die

    The best balti in Blighty. With suggestions from Gogobot users.

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    1. Mughli, Manchester


    Promising "no English food", Mughli prides itself on its family recipes for dishes that originate from the Mughal empire. Think methi murgh ("fenugreek leaves, chicken, and a touch of cream") and street food. YUM.

    2. Lasan, Birmingham

    According to the Birmingham Mail, Lasan offers a "clever, contemporary and delicious take on Indian food". The food is high-end, with a focus on the best ingredients possible.

    3. Shish Mahal, Glasgow

    The (claimed) home of the original chicken tikka masala. If you don't fancy its signature dish, you could try a newer option, like the Darjeeling chicken (top left).

    4. Rasa, London

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    Truly delicious, all-veggie south Indian food. Eat like royalty for under a tenner. An honourable mention also goes to Jai Krishna in Finsbury Park.

    5. Viceroy, Yeovil

    Go for a full tandoori chicken and find out why Viceroy's Soyful Alom was voted one of the best curry chefs in the UK in 2013. If you can't make it to Yeovil, there are a few other locations across Devon, Bath, and Somerset.

    6. Myristica, Bristol

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    Named the best curry in the southwest in the 2013 British Curry Awards, Myristica is a cut above your average. Go for a tiffin box for a fiver, or try the guinea fowl stir-fry.

    7. Bokhara Brasserie, Bridgend, Wales

    A consistent award-winner that offers great value (under £10 for a main dish), Bokhara focuses mainly on northwest Indian food. Watch the staff prepare your kundan kaliyon (chicken in saffron sauce) in their open kitchen, and drool.

    8. Saleem's, Birmingham

    One of the oldest Balti Belt restaurants, Saleem's is an institution. Just trust the menu and tuck in.

    9. Yeti Nepalese, Oxford

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    Nepali food that will knock your socks off. Nariwal chicken is a particular delight, with coconut, curry leaf, and mustard.

    10. The Wee Curry Shop, Glasgow

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    Be brave and try the haggis pakora (top left) at this hidden gem. Close by, The Shenaz also deserves an honourable mention.

    11. Prithvi, Cheltenham

    With quite a small menu, this Indian fine-dining restaurant focuses on quality over quantity.

    12. Mem-Saab, Leicester

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    Dedicated to "the redoubtable ladies of the Raj", Mem-Saab is high end, with a champagne bar and private dining available. If you're adventurous, try out the cumin kangaroo ("Diced kangaroo simmered with Indian herbs and spices. Finished with

    coriander and generous helping of roasted cumin").

    13. The Polash, Dartford

    Takeaway only, so you can't eat in. But that shouldn't stop you. The Polash has been going for over 20 years, selling an appealing mix of Indian and Bangladeshi-style treats.

    14. Rasoi, Swansea

    They say: modern Indian fusion. We say: Methi chicken ("roasted chicken from the flames of the tandoor, braised in a fresh peppery fenugreek masala sauce") as well as scallops royale ("scallops with mango chilli and coriander salsa, beetroot sauce, mint chutney")? Sign us up.

    15. Mosque Kitchen, Edinburgh

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    It's not glamorous, but the food is delicious and incredibly filling. Stock up ahead of a long day.

    16. Omar Khan's, Bradford

    It's hard to go wrong at this place, which has been running for over 20 years. Go for a biryani or perhaps a succulent grilled lamb chop. An honourable mention also goes to Nawaab.

    17. Needoo Grill, London

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    The grill is the star of the show here. Just check out those whole chickens (top left). And if you want a second course, Brick Lane is only minutes away.

    18. Sharmilee, Leicester

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    Part sweet-shop, part restaurant, all delicious. This place specialises in Punjabi cuisine; you won't be disappointed.

    19. Cafe Maharba, Manchester

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    A little bit scruffy, but big on flavour. Expect to fill your boots for under a fiver.

    20. Gymkhana, London

    Michelin-starred Indian dining, harking back to the British Raj. It's not cheap – a four-course set menu costs £30 – but it's worth it. An honourable mention goes to the less costly Dishoom.

    21. Dosa n Chutny, London

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    This places excels at, well, dosas and chutney. Dosas are long, light, and crunchy, and perfect for dipping.

    Thanks to Gogobot users for their delicious suggestions.