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16 Times Charli XCX Was Too Real

You already know.

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1. When she gave us the definition of a perfect night out.

u know you had a good night when u wake up with glitter in your pants/bra/hair/life.

2. When she called out fakers.

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She told Pitchfork:

"I find it difficult to deal with someone who rejects me and then kisses my ass later—even though I know that's what the whole music industry is."

3. When she supported fellow female singers. / Via

She told Pitchfork:

"I'm also not embarrassed to say I'm a fan of my peers. Someone I continuously get asked about is Lorde. People love to pin us up against each other. I don't give a fuck. I admire her greatly: She is so prolific and so kind, and is such a talent for the younger generation, and it's so cool that she has such a platform. I hate it when I see people take that away from her, or try to get people to say bad things about her in the press. My philosophy is to treat people how you want to be treated. This whole element of competition is not on my radar."

4. Like Gwen Stefani (who she wrote for).

5. And Marina and the Diamonds.

6. And Beyoncé.

ok so i met Beyonce earlier and she is genuinely the most gracious woman in the world.

7. And Britney too, obvi.

8. When she fought against the Sorting Hat.

someone just told me that if i were at hogwarts i'd definitely be in slytherin and i was genuinely SO offended


9. When she shrugged off the idea of having to be ~cool~.

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She told The Telegraph:

"I realised that I just wanted to be a f­—ing boss. I decided I didn't have to choose between being an artist and being a songwriter and just started to do both. I felt ready to go and make songs and not feel worried about making a cool record or getting a hit. I just want to make songs that I really like.

"I figured out who I was; it took me ages but was so liberating and amazing. I think it'd be cool for young girls, especially, not to worry about what people think of them and not try to replicate what they think is the right thing to do."

10. When she shared her beauty regime.

"New York Times. didn't brush my hair."

11. When she showcased perfect emoji use.

fyi the pizza emoji is definitely the one i use the most

12. When she reminded us that "sexy" has more than one definition.

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She told The Standard :

"I think [Sucker] is a feminine album, and a sexy album, but when I think about what the stereotype of sexy is, to the average person, I don't think it is that. I feel sexy singing these songs and I hope that inspires other girls and other women, because you can totally be confident and feel amazing in your own skin without having to try to conform to what Heat magazine, or FHM or any guy says is sexy. I think what women think is sexy is what is sexy. Girls eating pizza are massively sexy."


13. When she had her priorities in order.

14. When she showed how to do a meet and greet right.

"I luv meet and greets. angels ur the best"

15. When her Instagram captions were on point.

"when u spot a pizza slice whilst ur singing and ur like mmmmmmm I can't focus..."

16. When she reminded everyone exactly how much of a boss she is.

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She told Glamour :

"I count myself as not only just an artist, not only as a singer, but a business woman. I write my own songs, I write my own video treatments, manage other artists, I write for other artists, it's not just about getting on stage and singing a song. I find that sometimes the men who I work with will be totally patronising because they think I'm just a vessel for a song tocome out of. And that's not something that I operate, or how I would treat anyone. To be honest I always fight back because I don't deserve to be treated like that - I'm just as much as a boss as they are. And I don't care if people call me a bitch because it's not about being a bitch it's just about controlling your own shit and being a business woman. I don't care if people call me a bitch because I know what I'm doing is the right thing."