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    Can You Make It Through The John Lewis Christmas Ad Without Crying?

    Ans: No you can't.

    There once was a hare and a bear who were friends. Amazing.

    The bear was puzzled by a snowflake, because he'd never seen Christmas before.

    This made his hare friend sad (and us too).

    The hare was excited to show his friend the Christmas tree.

    All the woodland creatures were joining in the magic of Christmas.

    But the bear didn't care. It was time for him to go hibernate.

    His hare friend was distraught.

    But as the bear slept and slept, his pal hatched a plan.

    Christmas day arrived, and while the hare enjoyed the delight of others, he missed his friend.

    But what's this on the horizon?

    It's his friend! And he LOVES CHRISTMAS.

    The hare is SO HAPPY.

    And they are Christmas friends forever. THE END.

    Watch the full ad here:

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