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    15 Ways To Celebrate National Burger Day

    Mr Hyde's National Burger Day is on 27 August. Are you prepared?

    1. Bleecker St Burger

    2. Patty and Bun

    Patty and Bun

    Patty and Bun's everyday offerings taste truly fantastic, and are so messy to eat that you basically need a bib (shout out the Ari Gold). Logically, their National Burger Day one-off follows suit. The Smoked Cheese Everyday (above) has got the following in it: brioche bun, chipotle ketchup, lettuce, aged beef patty, smoked applewood, pancetta, green chilli relish, and smoked cheese mayo.

    3. Burgershack

    Burgerac’s Burgershack

    Who better to make a burger than the ultimate burger fan? Burgerac started off reviewing patties and buns, before striking out with their own place. For Burger Day, they're offering up the Deluxe Special (above). Skip breakfast and go straight for lunch.

    4. Stokey Bears

    5. Lucky Chip

    Lucky Chip

    Tired of red meat? Go under the sea with Lucky Chip's Jacques Cousteau burger. Featuring Ahi tuna, summer coleslaw, Sriracha, and Yuzu mayo, it packs a punch.

    6. Meatliquor

    7. Mother Flipper

    Take things up a notch with the Candied Bacon burger. It's a double cheeseburger with, well, candied bacon – and the brioche bun acts as the perfect sponge for all the meaty juices.

    8. Dip & Flip

    Dip and Flip

    Let's break this one down. A beefburger plus cheese plus sliced roast beef plus gravy PLUS GRAVY ON THE SIDE FOR DIPPING.

    If you want to be a little less ambitious, you can also order without the roast beef, but why would you?

    9. Yeah! Burger

    Yeah! Burger

    Fancy something a bit different? The gang behind the infamous Scotch egg burger have brought out another treat for National Burger Day. This creation features deep-fried avocado ice cream and candied bacon. One for the brave.

    10. The Diner

    The Diner

    Keep it chill with a classic cheeseburger, or take a leap of faith on the Taco Crunch. Pictured above is a limited edition for Burger Day that features as much queso cheese sauce as you can handle.

    11. Caboose

    Caboose Burgers

    Juicy and meaty, without being super greasy, Caboose is always a treat. We can recommend the Fat Controller (pork belly, BBQ sauce, and smoked cheddar) but the

    3:10 to Yuma (pictured) is also well worth your time.

    12. Meat and Shake

    Meat and Shake

    Meat and Shake have brought out the big guns for their Burger Day special. The Pepe Le Pew (above) features Stilton, walnuts, pears, and honey as toppings, but it's the beef that really shines. A dry aged chuck and rib cap patty, blended with bone marrow, it's really gonna deliver on the umami front.

    13. Kua 'Aina

    Kua 'Aina

    Kua 'Aina dish up lava-grilled burgers with a Hawaiian twist – and you can choose from toppings such as pineapple or avocado. Bonus points for the nicely seeded bun too.

    14. Haché

    15. Spuntino


    Spuntino's secret menu burger (aka the Big Bob) has long had word-of-mouth cachet. However, on Burger Day, Spuntino are serving it all day, so there's no need to sneak about. Happy eating.

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