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17 Burgers You Must Try Before You Die

Nice to meat you, where you bun?

1. The triple nom at Almost Famous, Manchester

Almost Famous

Two patties, topped with slow-cooked ribs. Come into my world, friend.

2. A brisket burger from Low ‘N’ Slow, Birmingham

Facebook: LowNSlowStreetFood

Brisket, chilli, cheese and bacon. Woah.

3. The Fat Hippo burger at the Fat Hippo Underground, Newcastle

4. A double cheeseburger from Bleecker St Burger, London

5. A Scooby Snack from The Maggie, Glasgow

6. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Nugget Burgers at Le Coop, Belfast

7. A burger at Jam Jar in Newcastle

8. A 'Triomphe de Truffe' burger from Haché, London

9. A Dead Hippie at Meat Liquor, Leeds

10. Anything from The Burger Brothers, Canterbury

The Burger Brothers

Look at those goddamn fries.

11. The House Classic at Chomp Grill, Bristol

12. A burger at the Eagle, Cambridge

13. A burger from The Original Patty Men, Birmingham

Facebook: OriginalPattyMen

Dry aged beef, homemade sauce, and brioche buns. It doesn't get much better than this.

14. The Angry Bear from Stokey Bears, London

15. Brewdog Burger from Brewdog Cardiff

16. The Candied Bacon Burger, Mother Flipper, London

Burger blog London's Best Burgers tells BuzzFeed Life: "Bacon candy juices flow from the freshly cooked meat right in front of you, absorbed by the top-class brioche bun, leaving you with a delicious hot mess".

17. Smokin' Bacon Bun at Burger Meats Bun, Glasgow

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