21 Weirdly Soothing Bullet Journal Layouts To Try

    *buys three more packets of washi tape*

    1. This pastel dream.

    2. This colour explosion.

    3. This zen weekly spread.

    4. This bi-lingual layout.

    5. This sparse, nautical theme.

    6. This neon symphony.

    7. This delicate daily planner.

    8. This chill and clean layout.

    9. This sunshine-yellow weekly spread.

    10. This simple but tasteful calendar.

    11. This lilac dreamscape.

    12. This minimal weekly.

    13. This monochrome piece of magic.

    14. This nature-inspired layout.

    15. This combi-sketchbook/journal.

    16. This rhapsody in blue.

    17. This delicate spread.

    18. This joyful weekly.

    19. This detailed planner.

    20. This clean and serene weekly..

    21. This peachy keen weekly.