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15 Photos People Who Haven't Broken A Finger Won't Get

Who knew a bruise could turn all the colours of the rainbow?

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2. And if a minor break, you probably didn't notice it was broken for a while.

Sound when you wake up with a broken finger and no recollection 👌🏼

I didn't notice my finger was broken until almost two months later, when it was still sore and swollen. ¯\_(ツ)_/

4. You'll surprise yourself by how well you cope.

Well, it turns out that I've been typing, bailing hay, and playing the French Horn with a broken finger for 4 weeks!


7. And tape looks suspiciously like normal sellotape.

This is my hand btw, my ring finger is the one that's broken/fractured. It's taped to my middle finger for support…

"I know it looks like I have wrapped my finger like a Christmas present but actually it's to support my break."

8. It's impossible to type when your finger is strapped up.

Instagram: @heathers_weightloss

There was no Mavis Beacon module for this.


9. You will curse zips and buttons.

So far the hardest thing to do with a broken finger is buttoning my jeans up #lmao #rip

Muumuu for one, please.

10. A three-finger ponytail is almost a Ninja Warrior challenge.

Such a bad idea to do be doing hair when my finger is broken 😂 it's so swollen.


14. And while it's healing, it might go a little wonky.

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15. But the worst part? How much it hurts.

Of all the times I've been hurt in my life I swear nothing hurts more than a broken finger