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    Posted on Oct 26, 2016

    15 Photos People Who Haven't Broken A Finger Won't Get

    Who knew a bruise could turn all the colours of the rainbow?

    1. If it's a minor break, your injury story is probably unspectacular.

    "I was clumsy and my finger bent back, the end."

    2. And if a minor break, you probably didn't notice it was broken for a while.

    Sound when you wake up with a broken finger and no recollection 👌🏼

    I didn't notice my finger was broken until almost two months later, when it was still sore and swollen. ¯\_(ツ)_/

    3. But you definitely noticed the swelling.

    Ailbhe Malone

    Who knew a bruise could turn all the colours of the rainbow?

    4. You'll surprise yourself by how well you cope.

    Well, it turns out that I've been typing, bailing hay, and playing the French Horn with a broken finger for 4 weeks!

    5. You'll soon come to realise just how much you use your fingers.

    The Simpsons / FOX

    Opening your wallet with one hand: very tricky.

    6. Splints are no joke.

    7. And tape looks suspiciously like normal sellotape.

    This is my hand btw, my ring finger is the one that's broken/fractured. It's taped to my middle finger for support…

    "I know it looks like I have wrapped my finger like a Christmas present but actually it's to support my break."

    8. It's impossible to type when your finger is strapped up.

    9. You will curse zips and buttons.

    So far the hardest thing to do with a broken finger is buttoning my jeans up #lmao #rip

    Muumuu for one, please.

    10. A three-finger ponytail is almost a Ninja Warrior challenge.

    Such a bad idea to do be doing hair when my finger is broken 😂 it's so swollen.

    11. So is peeling a banana.

    Flickr: quinndombrowski Creative Commons

    12. When you find out there's a SHARD of BONE floating around.

    And your doctor doesn't seem to worried. "So it's big enough for you to notice it, but small enough you're happy to leave it? Cool, cool."

    13. Physio excercises are deceptive.

    How can a tiny movement hurt so much? Why is it so hard to push my ring finger onto the table?

    14. And while it's healing, it might go a little wonky.

    15. But the worst part? How much it hurts.

    Of all the times I've been hurt in my life I swear nothing hurts more than a broken finger

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