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    15 Subscription Boxes That Are Worth The Money

    Including a a luxury box at lemonade prices.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which subscription boxes were worth the money. Here are the results.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. For a monthly way to feed your stationery addiction, try Papergang

    2. For pocket-sized snack options that change every week, try Graze

    Graze is £3.99 a week, and your first box is half price, or get it in the US for $13.99/box.

    "Graze is great. Most of the snacks are really tasty, and if you don't like something, you just mark it off and they never send it again." – Brandy Fenner via Facebook

    3. For a brilliant book and treat combo, try Reading in Heels

    Ailbhe Malone

    Reading in Heels is £10 a month

    "If you're ever stuck for something to read (or get overwhelmed by choice) this smart subscription box is your dream. You get a book, a nice beauty product and some soothing tea, aka the perfect night in."– Ailbhe Malone

    4. For a luxury box at lemonade prices, try Look Fantastic

    5. For a more inspiring midweek dinner, try Gousto,

    Gousto prices vary, depending on how many meals and how many people, but your first two boxes are currently £14.99 each. In the US, try Blue Apron starting at $59.94/week.

    "It's a monthly/weekly sub that gives you the ingredients for 4 full meals for either 2 or 4 of you and has easy-to-follow recipe sheets to help you cook (meaning you don't need to be a master chef to use the service!). Me and my boyfriend recently started using Gousto as it has prep times that are often just 20 minutes and we live very hectic lives! Not only does it save us money, its healthy dish sizes and fresh food leaves us feeling very satisfied after each meal. And one more thing - it's a really fun activity to do together!" –


    6. For a reason to look forward to your period, try Pink Parcel

    Pink Parcel is £12.99 a month. In the US, try The Period Store for $15+/month.

    "My Pink Parcel is incredible and great value. You get all the tampons or pads that you need (you can select your brand and absorbency too), a delicious tea and a sweet treat, as well as plenty of beauty goodies. The price of the contents always outweighs the price of the box and it’s reassuring to know you’ll never run out of tampons. You choose the delivery date nearest to your period so are always ready to pamper yourself when you need it most." –jenniferb

    7. For a fancy AF chocolate treat, try Hotel Chocolat

    8. For help finding healthier snacking options, try Sourced Box

    Sourced Box is £21.95 a month. In the US, try Love With Food for $7.99+/month.

    "It's a healthy snack subscription box and it's good for people who are trying to eat healthy. I discover a lot of good natural brands and keep buying those I like by myself. (Ps: both British youtuber Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart are the co-founder of SourcedBox!)" –  Camiliaadianti

    9. For beauty samples that are tailored to you, try Birchbox

    Birchbox is £10 a month and students get their first box 50% off, or get it in the US for $10/month.

    "I love Birchbox. I’m quite nervous about make up and beauty products because it feels so overwhelming. With Birchbox I get 5 items that are designed for my needs which helps me look and feel lovely!" – blodynbach

    10. For razors that will give you the smoothest shave, try Friction Free Shaving

    11. For a way to comfort friends who live far away (or to de-stress when you're having a tough time), try Buddy Box

    12. For an instant mood boost and some fun socks, try Lucky Dip Club

    13. For a classier twist on an after-work drink, try I Love Gin

    I Love Gin is £14 a month

    "You get two 50ml bottles of interesting gin and some artisan tonic waters a month, same price as getting a standard gin in a bar but way more interesting and to your door." – JoF

    14. For out-of-this-world toasties on the reg, try Cheese Posties

    15. For monthly treats for your furry friend, try PawPost

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