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17 Beautiful And Unusual Lip Piercings

If you like it, put a lip ring on it.

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1. This medusa piercing is so on point it hurts.

Instagram: @cahrolian

2. A Monroe and a striped t-shirt = classic combo.

Instagram: @_ladylazarusxo

3. Keep it classic with a hooped labret and white t-shirt.

Instagram: @maikovne

4. Graphic eyeliner, a leather jacket and a side labret? Amazing.

Instagram: @mi

5. A carefree smiley piercing.

Instagram: @sad3z

6. A gorgeous frowny piercing is pretty in pink.

Instagram: @rodigraws_

7. A bleached out grey bombshell Monroe piercing.

Instagram: @on_the_scene82

8. Snakebites + a matte red lip = perfection.

Instagram: @frnaenzis

9. Couple a medusa piercing with a fresh white shirt, and slay.

Instagram: @cahrolian

10. Double side labret rings are a striking look.

Instagram: @sombral_fly

11. Big sunglasses compliment a medusa piercing in the best way.

Instagram: @barbarella_webshop

12. And heart-shaped sunnies go hand in hand with a Monroe.

Instagram: @sarahmcflyjohnson

13. A statement necklace accessorises a labret piercing perfectly.

Instagram: @m

16. A classic and classy Monroe piercing.

Instagram: @jessicammonteiro

17. A delicate and dreamy side labret piercing.

Instagram: @erriepage


Number 14 is a vertical labret piercing. A previous version of this piece called it a snakebite piercing.