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    17 Apps That Will Make You More Efficient

    I've an app for that.

    1. Out Of Milk

    A shopping list app, with all the regular features, but the cool thing about Out Of Milk is you can share lists, with your partner or your housemate. This means that if one of you runs in to buy say, Cornflakes and skimmed milk, then those items are taken off the joint list. You can also add additional details (like a preferred brand etc), and the pantry section shows you all the items you already have.

    Get it on Android and iTunes.

    2. Word Lens

    Need to translate a sign in a foreign language? Word Lens can help with that. Just hold up your phone's camera and it will do the rest.

    (Bear in mind you have to buy language packs within the app. Currently: English/Russian, English/Portuguese, English/German, English/Italian, English/French, English/Spanish.)

    Get it on iTunes and Android.

    3. Strides

    Strides helps you to build a habit, or reach a goal, and looks very pretty while doing so.

    Get it on iTunes. If you want something with fewer bells and whistles, Achieve It! runs in a similar vein. And if you're on Android, then GoalTracker will do the job.

    4. Red Cross First Aid

    "Free, simple and life-saving", this app will help you to always be prepared.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.

    5. Unfilth Your Habitat

    A cleaning app for lazy folk, with a lot of swearing. No, seriously, lots of swearing. If you don't mind that, then UYH sets easily accomplishable cleaning tasks, with plenty of time for scheduled breaks.

    Available on iTunes and Android.

    6. Quizlet

    Study efficiently with this app. What is really good is that you can create your own flash cards, so you can quiz yourself using your own notes.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.

    7. Pepperplate

    A really useful cooking app. Pepperplate can import recipes from your favourite sites, and let you see what ingredients you need, as well as storing a grocery list and meal scheduler.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.

    8. Plant Nanny

    This cute little app reminds you to drink more water, by way of a sweet cartoon plant. Set your water intake for the day, and help your little plant grow.

    Find it on iTunes and Android.

    9. 7 Minute Workout

    This app, developed based on a workout routine published in ACSM'S Health & Fitness Journal offers exercise options for even the most time-poor.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.

    10. Clear

    A really, well, clear to-do list app, that also happens to look beautiful.

    Get it on iTunes and there is a copycat version on Android.

    11. Citymapper

    This app means that you'll never be late again. Calculate the most efficient route, or the most cost-effective, or a rain-proof journey. Available for: London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome. New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC and Boston.

    Get it on iTunes or Android.

    12. Select Who

    No more wasting time making decisions. Who gets the last piece of bacon? Who chooses the film to watch? Let this app streamline your choices.

    Get it on Android.

    13. Clue

    14. IFTT

    Short for, "If This, Then That". Create 'recipes' to save clicks. For example: I'm tagged on Facebook + save the image to my device. Or: I tweet an article from a newspaper + save it to my Instapaper. Nifty!

    Get it on iTunes and Android.

    15. Run Pee

    Go for a mid-film wee in the most efficient way. There are cues to remember, and you can also set a timer which will vibrate.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.

    16. Account Tracker

    Keep tabs on your finances, and track your spending.

    Get it on iTunes. For Android, reccomends My Money.

    17. Delectable

    This app helps you level up on your wine choices. Scan a bottle to find out more, get expert opinions, note and rate the wines you like. Very efficient.

    Get it for Apple devices. For a similar app on Android, try Vinvino Wine Scanner.

    Bonus: BOINC

    Make your *phone* more efficient. You can help to study diseases, predict global warming, or discover pulsars, by allowing the Berkley Infrastructure for Open Network Computing to run jobs using the unused computing power of your device. Basically this means that within parameters (like, when plugged in, on wifi, with a good battery life), your phone can collect, compute and transfer data for any number of scientific projects within the scheme. Cool!

    Available on Android. For a similar thing on Apple, try Genes in Space a game which analyses genetic data for cancer research.