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    I Tested Spray On Nail Polish To See If It Lived Up To The Hype

    Things got messy.

    Nails Inc recently released a spray-on nail varnish that claims to wash off easily.

    And as a lifelong mani fan, I was interested but sceptical.

    So I ordered all the colours online and gave it a go.

    The cans came with a directions card.

    You must use a base coat with the spray can nail varnish.

    Then spray away!

    The paint is REALLY, REALLY COLD.

    It's tricky to get even coverage.

    Don't forget to put down some paper.

    When you're ready, wash away the excess.

    This was the end result.

    It chips quickly too.

    For comparison, I took off the spray varnish on my left hand and painted it with two coats (no top coat) of Nails Inc's Bruton Lane (a normal coral polish). Here's how things looked the next day.

    The coral polish is holding up nicely – it's glossy and coverage is good. The spray polish is not faring so well – despite a base coat, three coats of polish, and a top coat, all but one nail is chipped. Again, the silver Shoreditch Lane is doing the best out of the lot.


    If you're bad at painting your nails, and are pushed for time, then I can see why this might appeal. But it's messy and expensive – and the colours just aren't great.

    If you're super keen, then go with the silver (Shoreditch Lane), but make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after – and invest in a decent top coat.