A Student Stapled His Testicles After Losing A Game Of FIFA 13

Sure, that makes sense. NSFW.

1. Second year Leeds student Nathan Bell had a forfeit to pay.

Vimeo / Via leeds.tab.co.uk

2. He had lost a game of FIFA 13 to a fellow student in halls.

Vimeo / Via leeds.tab.co.uk

3. And the chosen forfeit was to put a staple through his scrotum.



4. After the event, Bell seemed unperturbed.

Nathan Bell.PT/S&C


@TSBible All for a good cause. Who knows where we would be without FIFA. Hopefully see FIFA Forfeits take off. Who can beat it?

/ Via

5. His opponent didn’t get off lightly either.

Saber Dasilva


@terryturbolee the forfeits really do get bad, thats why i had to drink my cum! Haha

/ Via

6. Watch the full video here:

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/78634262.

7. Other examples of FIFA Forfeits include this hot chilli powder challenge.

8. Or this hot sauce forfeit.

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