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Posted on Jan 10, 2014

Which Animal Is Happiest On A Trampoline? A Highly Scientific Investigation

The results are in.

9. Cattle.

8. Cats.

Do not want to be there.

7. Buffalo.

Bewildered, but into it.

6. Pigs.

Determined to make it work.

5. Foxes.

Dedicated to bouncing.

4. Boxers.

Enjoying bouncing so much.

3. Springer spaniels.

Putting the 'spring' in their name to good use.

2. Boston Terrier/ Bulldog (sorry, it's a dead tie).

So small, so bouncy.

1. Goats.

They obviously win.

Goats goating around.

Just look at them!

They're trampoline royalty, and they know it.

To watch a supercut of these animals (and more) visit here.

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