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7 Tiny Changes To Try This Week

This week's edition of treat yo'self.

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1. Discover a new board game.

Mayfair Games

While it may sometimes seem bewildering (AND be expensive) trying to find one you love, I've got some recommendations:

If you want to play loudly with lots of friends: Articulate

This fast-paced game is like Pictionary, except you use words, not pictures.

If you want to play strategically with a handful of pals: Catan

The objective of this strategy-based game is to build resources and forge cities.

If you want to play competitively for a long time: Risk

I am presuming you have heard of Risk before, but if not, think WORLD DOMINATION and dice.

If you want to play co-operatively with friends: Pandemic

In this game, you all fight together to stop a contagion from spreading.

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2. Or discover a new book.

If you're a YA fan, I cannot recommend Six of Crows enough. Think His Dark Materials crossed with The Italian Job. There are more great YA suggestions here.

If YA's not your thing, then why not try a graphic novel?

19 Comic Books To Turn You Into A Comics Reader

And though this title of this piece says "to read with your mum", the reccs are really solid: 28 Life-Changing Books To Read With Your Mom

3. Experiment with a new sleep routine.

"This week, I say set yourself up nicely for bed. I don't sleep particularly well, so I like to make myself as comfortable as possible to increase the chances of some proper zzzs.

"I often have a valerian root supplement before bed, do myself a nice cup of fennel tea, which settles my stomach after dinner, spray my pillow with a nice sleep spray (I like the one from This Works), and pop my cotton sleep mask on (I would also recommend a cooling one, though I'm not using one ATM).

"WHEN – and I do not always, but WHEN – I choose to go to bed at a decent hour and prioritise this routine over, IDK, watching the entire series of Crazy Ex Girlfriend in a night, I feel much better and more alert in the morning, and also a little ~luxurious~." –Chelsey Pippin

4. Or splash out on some new pyjamas.

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

Pyjamas are weirdly expensive, but I find the men's department is the best place to shop for them. This means you get a proper sleep suit (button-up shirt and trousers), often in a pleasing blue stripe – like these from Marks and Spencer (£17.50).

If you'd rather have a slinkier set, I find shopping at TK Maxx online really helpful. I like this pair at the moment (£11).

6. Or set up a special breakfast with friends before work.

Kimberley Dadds

Once a month I get up early and go for breakfast with some friends from work. It's the best start to the day (gossip + pancakes) and puts such a spring in my step.

7. Read this tweet.

baby pangolins always look like they're waiting to nervously ask you to prom