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    7 Marvellous Alternative Roald Dahl Covers

    Curated by Chicago gallery Galerie F for their exhibition The Fantastic Mr Dahl.

    1. James and the Giant Peach / Via

    Artist: Luke Drozd.

    2. Matilda / Via

    Artist: Mirjam Dijkema

    3. The Magic Finger / Via

    Artist: Lars P Krause.

    4. The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me / Via

    Artist: Senor Burns.

    5. The BFG / Via

    Artist: Drew Millward.

    6. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator / Via

    Artist: Telegramme.

    7. The Witches / Via

    Artist: Michael Cowell.

    View the whole collection, and buy prints here. H/t Design Taxi