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7 Gross But Satisfying Products That Will Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair

Say "so long" to sore ingrown hairs with these magic products.

Tim Lane/BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Sort out stubborn ingrowns and razor bumps with Tend Skin., Amazon

Promising review: "This stuff is nothing short of life changing. I have always struggled with ingrown hairs and unsightly razor bumps, meaning that I could only really shave my bikini line once in a blue moon only for my skin to immediately erupt a day later. After using this, I could honestly probably shave every day with little to no irritation if I wanted to. Hoping it also helps with some long standing scars that I have from previous ingrown hairs, but for now I am simply over the moon that I can at last remove my hair without and discomfort or embarrassing marks!" – Dr M

Watch a review by Ghana Godess here

Buy it on Amazon, £20.99

2. Tackle larger areas quickly with a Wizker Brush.


Promising review: "Really really impressed with this little brush. So good. I've tried everything in the past to help prevent ingrown hairs, making life a misery....😩 From body scrubs to tend skin. I use this on legs,under arms, bikini line towards end of my daily shower. & the results are really amazing, I can easily remove hair now no problem, unlike before using this, my legs ect felt sore & irritated & had to wait a bit longer for the hairs to break through the skin, & lots lay under my skin. Now I have much less issues with ingrown hairs & my skin feels way smoother too so pleased I gave this a go.. only wish I'd discovered this great product years ago.... can't recommend this enough. Looks long lasting & very good value for money. Also a natural solution , opposed to using harsh chemicals on my skin." – Miss T Riach

Get it on Amazon, £9.98

3. Exfoliate ingrown hairs and keep down bumps with Skin Doctors., Amazon

Promising review: "I was plagued with ingrown hairs in my bikini line. They would develop into cysts and nothing would work. In the space of 4 days, this product has changed my life. I can categorically say that this works, and fast." – Mrs C Neno

Watch a review by Rais of Beauty here.

Get it on Amazon, £10.12

4. Prevent recurring razor bumps with Kerah Lane.

Promising review: "Been using daily for 9 days and my results are beyond fantastic! Redness and swelling has completely dissipated and given me more confidence now! So so happy with this product! Images (above) speak for themselves!" – Hev Sav

Buy it on Amazon, £17.67

5. Soothe sore skin and keep it soothed, with Bump Patrol.

Promising review: "As a black man who has suffered with razor bumps on the back of my head this stuff is a blessing! I cut my own hair and have neglected the correct cutting directions on occasion. This led to increased 'razor bumps', in grown hairs and, marks on my head. This product has been used twice in 48 hours and has made a huge difference. My partner has noticed the difference and said how much smoother the back of head is. I'm sure my barbers have this stuff in use at the end of hair cuts I've had. I will definitely be buying it again but would also recommend changing your hair clipper if you haven't in a while. No clippers will last forever despite the clans of 'titanium blades won't fade' etc. also cut in the direction your hair grows. I can not recommend it enough. If you suffer with a more severe case I can not comment on how it will affect you, but would say to try it first." – Eddie O

Buy it on Amazon, £5.30

6. Ditch ingrowns with Lumunu for an animal-friendly and vegan option.

Promising review: "Amazing product, please find attached my before and after pictures of my results from this spray. I suffer from A LOT of ingrown hairs as I epilate for hair removal and it's known to then leave you with many ingrown hairs. The above pictures are both when I have shaved in the bath, you can see in picture one that my skin is red, irritated and there's a lot of ingrown hairs left even after shaving. Picture two is after spraying this spray onto the ingrown hairs every night consecutively for three days and then shaving. The results speak for themselves! Amazed! You can actually feel the product working when you spray it on! The product comes from Germany so just be aware of the foreign font. Very happy and I can now wear shorts with confidence!" – Joanne

Buy it on Amazon, £9.99

7. Slough off dead skin cells with a scrub (with no microbeads!) from Laila London.

Positive review: "Having suffered with eczema and sensitive dry skin all my life, I bought this scrub in an attempt to heal/rejuvenate my skin. Having no knowledge of this product I thought I would give it a go to help my dry, scaly legs and to try and get rid of the scabby spots from the tops of my arms. Well let me tell you, after using it every other day for two weeks my legs are amazing, so much so I've been able to wear a skirt with out tights : )

You do have to shovel it out of the pot and put it on in heaps as its not the easiest to spread, however who cares, this product is fab! Smells good enough to eat too!!" – Sarah Quinton

Get it on Amazon, £12.99