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49 Things Irish Mothers Say

You're acting the maggot.

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1. There's great drying out.

2. Are you going out in that?

3. You're a divil.

4. You'll get a chill in your kidneys.

5. Well don't come crying to me when it happens.

6. Were you born in a barn or what?

7. That was a very quick mass.

8. Would you look at the state of him.

9. It's only herself.

10. Would you get up out of that.

11. Lookit would you just stop.

12. You'll have my heart broken.

13. Is there another drop in the pot?

14. You'll be glad of it later.

15. Don't make me get the wooden spoon.

16. I'm only taking the mickey out of you.

17. I was mortified.

18. Are you codding me?

19. It was a lovely funeral, all the same.

20. Sure this is it.

21. What did she get in the Leaving, so?

22. And was that with the Honours Maths?

23. Notions.

24. You're acting the maggot now.

25. Would you ever cop on to yourself.

26. There are towels in the hot press.

27. That's gas altogether.

28. Ask St. Jude, sure.

29. Who's he related to?

30. This is Mary Kelly's niece. You remember. Your dad went to school with her brother.

31. Turn on the big light.

32. Turn off the big light.

33. Come here to me now.

34. Could you buy a sliced pan in the shops?

35. It'll be better before you're married.

36. There are biscuits in the press.

37. Or would you rather have a bun?

38. Where's your vest?

39. Have you turned the immersion off?

40. Janey Mac.

41. Don't come crying to me now.

42. Do you want your ice-cream in a wafer?

43. That's some rig out you have on.

44. And it's all the rage is it?

45. Take that puss off your face.

46. I'll put a wash on.

47. You're terrible bold.

48. What's that yoke?

49. You'll be the death of me.