27 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A Freelancer

This? Totally tax deductible.

1. Going freelance is a big jump, and not one for the unprepared.

2. This is how you imagine working from home.

3. But in reality, it’s this.

But if anyone asks if you sit around in tracksuit bottoms all day, you’ll shoot them an evil look.

4. You have to put up with this a lot.

5. And also this.

6. This rings all too true.

7. But you have ways of getting your own back.

8. And you’ve learned the value of persistence.

9. Your parents don’t understand what your job is.

‘So, you work for yourself? But also other people? How do you book time off?’

10. Especially when you explain that shift work is not the same as full-time.

11. Late night commissions are the bane of your life.

12. The idea of a weekend is a foreign concept.

13. And even if you have weekend plans, a surprise commission means you’ll usually bail.

14. Getting paid by the hour is the dream.

15. Although suggesting your rates usually results in this.

16. Your concept of money swings wildly from this.

18. And you know not to turn down any job.

19. Days without commissions.

20. Weeks without commissions.

21. And then, boom!

22. But hey! Flexible working hours mean you can realistically have a pet.

23. Though you might not have ‘office friends’, you’ll have a gang of like-minded freelancers.

24. And you’ll always find a mentor to help you when things get tough.

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25. That new computer? Totally tax deductable.

26. The lack of strings attached means you can travel like nobody else.

27. And you can always make the most of a sunny day.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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