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29 Things I Learned At The World Naked Sledding Championships

This is a little NSFW obviously.

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3. However, this year, there wasn't enough snow in Braunlage to host the championships, so they were held in Cochstedt - about an hour's drive away.

4. The official mode of transport was the Remmi Demmi Party Bus, which carried the German and British contestants - as well as a large Dutch contingent.

5. The party bus is a capricious thing. It arrived an hour late, and brought us to the wrong destination. As an apology, a communal bottle of Jägermeister was bought.

I am not a Jäger fan.

8. The event was startlingly large - last year almost 15,000 people turned up.

14. The reasons for entering were varied.

Tim Spicer / Via

Holly Garshong, the female British entrant explained "this might be the only time I get to represent Great Britain in a World Championships".

16. There were three heats, and the fastest down won. The rules appeared to be flexible, however.

Sometimes it was the first person over the red line who won, other times it was the first person to reach the end of the slope.

19. Native German speakers had quite an advantage.

Mike Spicer / Via

"I realised at the top of the slope that I didn't know the German for 'Ready Steady Go", lamented the male British entrant, Tom Chrusciel.

27. Once the competition was over, the afterparty began.

28. It featured an incredibly talented saxophonist playing along to popular hits.

29. And the comforting conclusion that drunk men dance the same the world over.

The flights and accommodation for this trip were paid for by Chilli Sauce, who were sponsoring the British entrants.

Correction: An earlier version of this article identified Melanie Müller as a former Naked Sledding Champion, the former winner was actually Mia Magma.

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