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    20 Reasons Saturday Morning TV Was The Greatest

    Claim the sofa, and start the weekend right.

    1. You'd wake up, and grab a snack!

    2. While your parents were still in bed, you'd get the good stuff.

    3. Maybe you pushed the boat out, and went for a cereal that was also a milkshake.

    4. Which would you choose? Totally Cool Cartoons?

    5. Or Live & Kicking?

    6. Or SM:tv Live?

    7. The highlight of which was always...

    8. You wondered how Yakko, Wakko and Dot always managed to get back to the water tower.

    9. You knew the original Dark Knight would never be bettered.

    10. You were confident Captain Planet would always be there to save the environment.

    11. You wished your best friend would climb a ladder to your window.

    12. You knew that some dogs were born to greatness.

    13. Just like some earthworms were destined to always be crushed by a cow.

    14. The Corrs, the beautiful Corrs.

    15. You longed to interview stars with Sage and Onion on Live & Kicking.

    16. You never knew there was so much crime beneath the sea.

    17. Phew! They foiled Cyril Sneer again.

    18. Don't let the Finster catch you!

    19. Acme Looniversity is where you wanted to go to college.

    20. But you always remembered to ask an adult's permission before dialing 0181 811818.

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