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    20 Excellent Reasons To Revisit "Spaced"

    The first outing of dream team Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright.

    5 years before Shaun of the Dead, Pegg, Frost and Wright came together for a TV show.

    Spaced ran for two series on Channel 4 from 1999-2001. And here is why it was brilliant.

    1. It was candid about love.

    2. And gave usable flirting tips.


    3. It featured exemplary props

    4. It encouraged responsible drinking.

    5. It was never shy to say what it really thought of performance art.

    6. Or what it thought of your fashion sense.

    7. It featured a young Theon Greyjoy.

    8. And Mark Gatiss. In a Matrix tribute.

    9. Oh, and David Walliams as Brian's creative partner.

    10. And Jon Simm cropped up.

    11. Marsha.

    12. And Mike.

    13. This unforgettable moment.


    14. It taught you that only Jaffa Cakes will do.

    15. It called George Lucas out on Jar Jar.


    16. It had the best apology in telly.

    17. Colin the Dog.

    View this video on YouTube

    18. And this, in full.

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    19. The show might have ended prematurely, after just two series.


    20. But it had a happy ending. Eventually.