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18 Dainty And Discreet Ways To Have An Undercut

Shaved doesn't have to be scary.

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1. A brightly coloured undercut can always be hidden by longer tresses.

2. Soften a sidecut with a full fringe.

3. Look super cool with a hidden sidecut, undercut combo.

4. A sidecut doesn't have to mean 'shaven'. Go softer at the sides.

6. A delicate pattern tucked behind your ear.

7. Incorporate a pattern into your hairline.

8. A sidecut along your parting makes for a strong look.

9. Blend a sidecut into the nape of your neck.

10. Long hair means you can cover up your sidecut, or leave it free.

11. Emphasize your side cut with a pretty French braid.

12. Grow out your undercut for a softer look.

13. Make your sidecut into part of your pixie.

14. A geometric pattern can be sheltered by a long braid.

15. Add edge to bunches with a hairline undercut.

16. Tumbling curls soften a sidecut.

17. Tie up your hair in ponytail to show off your hairline.

18. A secret sidecut above your ear is perfection.

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