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    17 Reasons To Love Claudia Winkleman

    Worship the fringe.

    1. Claudia's not just our favourite telly host.


    2. She's got an MA in History of Art from New Hall, Cambridge. / Via

    Which comes in handy on The Arts Show. "The arts show is an amazing thing because I get to say out loud that actually I did study Vermeer for a whole year and that I can be a bit geeky. And I get to meet heroes. I mean, David Bailey!"

    3. She makes an excellent Brucie back-up.

    4. That glorious fringe.

    5. And that smudgy eye make-up.

    6. She's an incisive biscuit critic.

    7. She wears cat ears well.

    8. She's besties with Miranda Hart.

    9. And made us all jealous by snuggling up to the Doctor.


    10. And though her turn on The Great Comic Relief Bake Off was fraught.

    11. She can still knock up a mean tray bake.

    12. Her columns for the Independent were excellent.

    13. She's a massive film buff, and is smashing on Film 2013.


    14. And she was the best Buzzcocks host ever.

    15. She's an adept hula-hooper.

    16. She was once chased by a penguin.

    17. And she's not going to change for anyone, thank you very much.

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