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    16 Enraging Examples Of Cutesy Packaging

    Why do companies these days insist on trying to be your friend, adopting that twee, faux-matey tone? Here are a few of the worst offenders.

    1. The chatty cereal.

    2. The over-achieving block of foam.

    3. The sentient box.

    4. The laddy milkshake.

    5. The overly apologetic plasters.

    6. The smoothie that answers questions nobody asked.

    7. The porridge that is too chirpy for breakfast time.

    8. The hair product that's a bit conceptual.

    9. The pally toiletries.

    10. The matey crisps.

    11. The over-egged pudding.

    12. The cutesy baby food.

    13. The eager veg pot.

    14. The blokey beverage.

    15. The fanciful cereal bar.

    16. The effusive fizzy drink.