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17 Things David Beckham Can Now Focus On

Beckham's retirement means he can now focus on his real passions. Such as...

1. Tying his shoelaces.

2. Popping his collar.

3. Making sure his shirt fits right.

4. Wearing a phone around his neck.

5. Taking a bath with pals.

6. Rolling up his sleeves.

7. Adjusting uncomfortable items of clothing.

8. Hugging ropes.

9. Walking away from planes about to lift off.


10. Sulking at old barbecues.

11. Lifting weights in denim cutoffs.

12. Standing patiently while being filmed.

13. Tending to malfunctioning motorbikes.

14. Working out the crick in his back.

15. Scratching an itch behind his ear.

16. Driving speedboats through showers of sparks.

17. And giving everyone the compliments they deserve.

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