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    15 Things Women With Short Hair Hear Everyday

    Short hair, don't care.

    1. "It's not very feminine."

    2. "It will always grow back, I suppose"

    3. "It's a pity you can't do cute styles anymore"

    4. "You don't have the facial symmetry to carry it off"

    5. "Does your boyfriend like it?"

    6. "Just think of all the upkeep"

    7. "What will you do for a formal event?"

    8. "Do you need to wear more make up now?"

    9. "It's just a phase"

    10. "Do you miss having long hair?"

    11. "It looks masculine."

    12. "Do you need to use more products now?"

    13. "Do you need to dress more girly now?"

    14. "Did you copy Jennifer Lawrence?"

    15. "Are you going to grow it again?"