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    13 Stormtrooper Helmets Redesigned By Leading Artists

    David Bailey, Damien Hirst and more took on the helmets for a charity exhibition.

    1. ‘StormOffSki’ by Ben Moore.

    2. ‘Dark Side of the Dollar’ Bran Symondson.

    3. ‘Peace Maker’ Antony Micallef.

    4. ‘Glimmer of New Hope’ Andrew Ainsworth.

    5. David Bailey.

    6. 'May The Fork Be With You' Hayden Kays.

    7. Inkie.

    8. 'Crochet Vader' Joana Vasconcelos.

    9. 'Star F*cker' Mat Collishaw.

    10. Mr Brainwash.

    11. 'Mud Trooper' Paul Fryer.

    12. 'iPod Invader' Yinka Shonibare.

    13. 'Spot Painted Art Wars Stormtrooper Helmet' Damien Hirst.

    Art Wars will be unveiled at the inaugural STRARTA Art Fair. For further details and to buy tickets visit Starta.