13 Delightful Photos Of World Pillow Fight Day

    The fluffiest day of the year

    1. On the 6th of April, people gathered in different cities across the world with one purpose.

    2. To have a pillow fight.

    3. Organised by the 'Urban Playground Movement', International Pillow Fight Day promotes free, non-commercial events for the public.

    4. And is also an excuse to bash someone with some feathers.

    5. Londoners gathered in Trafalgar Square.

    6. New Yorkers got together in Washington Square Park.

    7. Vienna also had a crew of fighters.

    8. As did Brazil.

    9. And Budapest.

    10. No matter the location, the same two rules were enforced.

    11. Don't hit anybody with a camera, and don't hit anybody without a pillow.

    12. The result?

    13. Total feathery carnage.