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How Do You Nail Iftar When You Have To Cook For Yourself?

No, ordering delivery is not a Ramadan hack.

If you grew up in a Muslim family or community, you know that people THROW DOWN when they break their fast.

It's a wonderful thing to eat with people you love, but not everyone is so lucky. Lots of people are far away from their family, live alone, or have recently become Muslim and it's really hard to cook when you're tired after a day of fasting.

So single folks, what are some simple, delicious, or filling foods you have made for yourself when you have to break the fast by yourself?

Maybe you make a simple marinade for chicken legs and grill them.

Maybe you prep a HUGE amount of frozen food and fried it fresh for every iftar.

Or maybe you just make some simple shrimp stir fry every night, which cooks up quick and tastes great.

We want your hacks on how to make yourself a simple iftar for one! Tell us how you make it work for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!