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Can You Get Through These 33 Tumblr Posts Without Laughing Once?

This website always has to make things difficult.

1. Let's set the tone, so you understand what Tumblr is all about:

2. You must understand the rules are very different on Tumblr:

3. But maybe a more traditional joke will make you crack a smile?

4. Or an inexplicably weird picture?

5. What about a silly GIF?

6. How about some little-known history?

7. Will this realization be the one that pushes you over the edge?

8. Or maybe this?

9. Impressive, how about this message from Voldemort?

10. Or this user's commitment to his joke?

11. OK, so have you been paying attention to the number of notes these posts generally receive? Well, back up, and compare them to the number of notes on THIS SIMPLE POST.

The number of people who liked and reblogged this post is basically the population of a small European nation. WHY?

12. Too bad this isn't a game of You Aww, You Lose:

13. OK, so you've made it pretty far. Impressive. But not as impressive as this dare:

14. This might get those of you who have little siblings:

15. We've all been there:

16. Yep:

17. This person is very committed to the memery:

18. Sometimes you ask the internet and it delivers:

19. Gotcha:

20. This will never stop being funny:

21. You still with us?

22. Another one of those super relatable Tumblr posts:

23. Just imagine:

24. Impossible not to laugh:

25. The cutest photobomb:

26. Beautiful things can happen in the reblogs:

27. You know you did this too, so laugh a little, OK?

28. Literally you:

29. Train wrecks are way funnier on Tumblr than in real life:

30. Doe, a deer, a female deer:

31. Same:

32. The line between Tumblr and reality has become blurred:

33. So you made it to the bottom and you haven't lost. Well, let's see how you do in the face of this old classic: