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This Mashup Of "Hotline Bling" With Wii Music Is Everything

♫ That can only Mii-n one thing ♫

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Yes, the internet has heard your cries....

does hotline bling sound like wii music or is that just me like idk lol

...your rampant speculation...

I think the beat from Hotline Bling is a good indicator that Drake is a big fan of the Mii Channel on Wii

...your experimentation...

never laughed as hard as when we played the wii shop music whilst watching the hotline bling vid and it fit PERFECTLY

...and your curiosity.

Is it just me or does Hotline Bling remind you of the Wii music??

The internet is a good internet and it has delivered unto us this face-meltingly chill remix of the Wii Shop Channel music and Hotline Bling.

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The mashup is by Tim IRL, (who is apparently 14???) and has produced some other incredible video game mashups you should check out. Tim told BuzzFeed he's been making mashups since he was 12 and that he wants to be a DJ or start producing music.

Get to playin', y'all.

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