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Tell Us The Cringiest Muslim Pick-Up Line You've Heard

"I need to break my fast. Let's have a date."

On the newest episode of BuzzFeed podcast See Something Say Something, I talked to a few single people — Sara Farizan, Hadi Barry, and Ahmed Hozain — about what it's like trying to find love as a young Muslim in the age of dating apps.

We play a game of Halal or Not, argue about ghosting, and discuss Minder (the Muslim Tinder).

So in that spirit, we wanted to know — what's the most ridiculous Muslim pick-up line you've ever heard?

It could be a joke, something you saw on a dating app, or something completely made up.

Hey girl, we're allowed to marry four...but I don't think that's necessary because you're a 10 #MuslimPickupLines

It could be halal or it could be haram.

Post your terrible pick-up line in the comment section below! The best (or worst?) will have a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or See Something Say Something episode.

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