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24 Times Muslims On The Internet Told It Like It Is

Seems about right.

1. This time terms were definitely used correctly:

2. This time a mosque had the perfect response to bigotry, even after being a victim of arson:

3. That time they perfectly summarized collective guilt:

4. That time having ANY kind of beard was a real problem:

5. That time the media overhyped dawah efforts:

6. This time a question didn't even deserve a response:

7. This time an anon should have gotten his priorities straight:

8. This time they made an excellent point about Fox News:

Things Fox News doesn't believe in: 1. Science 2. Islamophobia 3. News

9. This time they pointed out how much the media loves Muslims:

10. When they summed up the everyday life of a Muslim in America:

11. This time they made Imam Pepe to poke a little bit of fun:

12. That time they rejected horoscopes:

13. The time they found the REAL "bae":

14. That time an anon assumed Muslim women were uneducated:

15. When they had their priorities straight:

16. When they spoke the truth with a smile:

17. This time when the praying in public struggle was all too real:

I was at the gym praying in the yoga room and 3 ladies started following my motions.That's my story on how I accidentally led a yoga class.

18. When this person properly celebrated the dead:

19. That time they set their terms for apologies:

As a random Muslim I'll apologise for this Paris incident if random white ppl will apologise for imperialism, drone attacks and Iggy Azalea.

20. When they identified Shawn from Boy Meets World as a low-key Muslim:

21. When they took Bill Maher's logic to its logical conclusion:

5 of the last 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners were Muslim. So according to Bill Maher, we're all Peace Prize winners!

22. This time they showed how much of a privilege it is to wear the hijab:

23. When this really fucked up thing happened:

24. When they just showed us the facts: