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18 Times Tumblr Absolutely Ruined Pokémon Forever

"Oh shit he learned SLEEP POWDER."

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1. These names.

2. This time you realized Ash might have something seriously wrong with him.

3. When they showed you how to translate "Geo! Geodude!"

4. This time Ash was used for a public service.


5. When they endorsed just awful sunglasses.

6. This time the Pokécenter was no longer safe.

8. This time Brock was the ultimate fuckboy.


9. Brock, no.

10. This time you realized that there was one Grass-type Pokémon that didn't fit in at all.

11. This time you realized what the perfect name was for your trainer.

12. And the perfect name for your Bulbasaur.


13. This time they gave you the worst (best?) hypothetical ever.

15. When you realized you could never pick Venusaur again.

16. When you couldn't unsee Machop's mailbox.

17. This too accurate description of Pokémon cries in the games.

18. And that time you could never look at Ash the same again.