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    Muslim Americans Are Tweeting Amazing Pictures Of Themselves

    So many beautiful faces!

    We need to talk about the incredible thing that is #MuslimAmericanFaces.

    The hashtag caught on after Brooking Institution senior fellow Benjamin Wittes tweeted out this picture of his co-worker.

    .@maitelsadany International human rights lawyer #muslimamericanfaces Share three more

    The resulting tweets demonstrated how diverse the Muslim community in America is.

    The hashtag showcased doctors and lawyers who fulfilled every mama's dream...

    Int'l developer, surgeon, attorney. High ambitions to serve, represent others & save lives #MuslimAmericanFaces

    ...but the artists, writers, and activists came out in full force too.

    #MuslimAmericanFaces Writer, Poet, Mentor, Father, Former Athlete @MuslimARC

    Social researcher. Masters grad. Internationalist. Tea lover. Book collector. Traveler.Artist. #MuslimAmericanFaces

    There were folks who were like "WHO CARES WHAT MY JOB IS? Let's talk about what I'm all about!"

    Connoisseur of gifs and reaction pics, lover of all things Drake/Rihanna #MuslimAmericanFaces

    Mccafe > Starbucks, loves Robotech, sometimes she rhymes slow sometimes she rhymes quick #MuslimAmericanFaces

    People also used the hashtag as an opportunity to show that Muslims have been a part of America's history for hundreds of years.

    This tweet features Yarrow Marmout, a freed slave who lived in 1800s Georgetown.

    @benjaminwittes @maitelsadany @jenn_ruth @shadihamid Freed slave Yarrow Marmout, one of first #MuslimAmericanFaces

    Marmout was just one of many African Muslims who were brought to America by the slave trade.

    Another tweet showcased Alexander Russell Webb, an American convert who spoke about Islam at the World Parliament of Religions in the late 1800s.

    Alexander Russell Webb. Convert. Spoke for Islam at Chicago's Parliament of Religions in 1893. #MuslimAmericanFaces

    There were #MuslimAmericanFaces that have been in this country for decades and have shaped the world already.

    My Uncle Ali. Fought in Vietnam while college boy Trump got to dodge the draft. #MuslimAmericanFaces

    People tweeted out loving tributes to their parents...

    Dad. Immigrant. Liberal. Quran-reader. NPR-listener. Enjoyer of spicy food & good beer #MuslimAmericanFaces

    ...and to their kids, who are the future of America.

    My 13 yr old son: Born in Azerbaijan. Afghan Father. Wrestler. #muslimamericanfaces

    Many of the tweets showed off one of the greatest things about Muslim: exposure to lots and lots of different cultures.

    Three #MuslimAmericanFaces - [left to right] @gotzah #Bengali @KaramHijji #Palestinian @shahlty #Pakistani #American

    Some just flexed how fashionable Muslims can be.

    More #MuslimAmericanFaces from my wedding. Our sharp dressing friends... say #Mashallah !

    It was truly incredible to see how many American Muslims are invested in making the world a better place.

    aspiring theologian, artist, writer, Sufi, and co founder of third coast queer Muslims #MuslimAmericanFaces

    If #MuslimAmericanFaces can teach the world one thing...

    Avid hunter, husband, father of two, coffee, books, math teacher. #MuslimAmericanFaces's that no two Muslims are alike.

    Social Change Advocate. Coffee & Tea Addict. Reality Show Junkie. #MuslimAmericanFaces

    And that Muslims deserve to be treated with humanity, no matter what.

    Human being who is Muslim. Deserving dignity and respect based on that alone. #MuslimAmericanFaces

    H/t ReThink Media

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