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23 Times Tumblr Reminded You We Live In A Capitalist Hell

With the assistance of Scooby Doo!

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1. That time they lamented how lost ignorance can never be regained:

2. That time every waking moment of reality was agony:

3. That time they attempted to undo systematic programming:

4. That time they couldn't even bother to hide the commodification of their labor:

5. This time they explained the electoral system:

6. That time they used pop culture to explain the value of currency:

7. That time they explained the key differences between capitalism and communism:

8. That time they showed us that perfect capitalist meal:

9. That time the proletariat were unaware of oppression:

10. That time everything was a transaction. Everything:

11. That time we were nothing at all:

12. That time Neopets was the perfect case study of a late capitalist hellscape:

13. That time they had a fever dream where acquiring a job was only so easy, without considering the horrible costs it takes on your soul:

14. That time the job was supposed to be "fun," but it was all a capitalist trick:

15. That time they perfectly summed up the value of money:

16. That time they showed you how loitering could only be a crime in capitalism:

17. That time they explained the horrible truth behind BOGO:

18. This:

19. That time the tables were turned:

20. That time they showed us how ~cool~ capitalism is:

21. That time things got so bad a company could post this without irony:

22. That time they accepted cold, hard compromises to live an easier life:

23. That time they explained the truest capitalist dream:

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