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24 Pictures That Make Way Too Much Sense If You Drive

You DRIVE me crazy.

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1. When you face this ice-cold struggle:

2. And when you just had to make do:

3. When other drivers can't seem to do the most basic things:

4. Seriously:

5. When someone taller was driving the car before you.

6. When you're bored and stuck in traffic but you see a dog in the backseat in front of you.

7. The real function of hazard lights:

8. When this street sign pretty much summed up navigation:

9. When you just can't:

10. When the hand said it all:

11. When your anger catches up to you:

12. When you get a new car:

13. When you're driving your friend home and they're just the worst:

14. When you find the motivation to drive those last 10 miles of a road trip:

15. When you hear a car alarm:

16. When you regret being the passenger:

17. When you drive in the rain:

18. When those family stickers went too far:

19. In fact, those stickers are downright dangerous:

20. When someone abuses their privileges:

21. The politics of passing cars:

22. When you made the mistake of letting your passenger DJ:

23. When they're asking too much:

24. And when you forgot to do the most basic thing:

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