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33 Times Twitter Explained The Immigrant Kid Experience

"Come and help me with my WhatsApp."

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1. When your name was just "too hard":

2. ...and the teacher just gave up:

3. When your dad was convinced he's a professional:

4. When your parents ask for help with technology:

5. When your parent's usage of internet slang was even better than yours:

6. When your parents tried to give you a compliment:

7. When your parents didn't follow through fully:

8. When your parents supported you:

9. When you've heard the same questions so much, you just tune them out:

10. When you entered your home:

11. When you couldn't trust the label on a container of food:

12. Or really, any container at all:

13. When you were at the forefront of housing technology:

14. When your parents low-key evaluate money better than Forbes:

15. And seem to have a very... specific... eye for math:

16. When your mom always had a special flair for the dramatic:

17. When you only used the generic names of most things:

18. When tea cured all:

19. Or VapoRub:

20. When dating was...complicated:

21. And you realized how high the stakes are for bae.

22. When you just didn't get sleepovers:

23. When your parents' conception of weather was just different:

24. When people ask dumb questions:

25. When people don't understand where you're from, even when you explain:

26. When pop culture just never gets your culture right:

27. And neither do fans.

28. When you asked your parents about their history before immigrating:

29. When you realize why you have such a subjective understanding of time:

30. And why you never liked turkey much anyway.

31. When you learned not to question mom:

32. When you remember to count your blessings (or nuggets).

33. And then you face the inevitable.

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